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Kgoshigadi projects and Management aims to render the professional services in the fields of Electrical, catering, cleaning, entertainment, construction and mining projects, The company was established in 2018 and its 100% black owned woman. The managing director of this company has an intimate knowledge of the country and understand the uniqueness of its problems and challenges in those industries.



To provide a good service in the fields mentioned above, Render high quality and cost effective services, we will strive to provide a quality services that gives satisfactory results to our clients.


To be aligned with the industry's growth trends. To become one of the biggest corporation in the industry worldwide.


Reliability, Tolerance, Intergrity, Professional, & Consistency.


To optimize the resources and open other branches within the country, To alleviate poverty in the disadvantaged areas by creating employment opportunities through development projects, To provide safety in all activities of our projects. To remain competitive and profitable. To structure our quality control in accordance to the ISO9001/standards.

Kgoshigadi projects and Management

Kgoshigadi projects and Management ensure that all employees are well trained and approved.

  • To ensure that all employees follow safe work methods and all related regulations.
  • To provide and maintain, as fast as is reasonably practicable, working environment that is safe without risk.
  • To establish what hazards to the health and safety of persons are attached to any work which is performed.

We will ensure that any work performed shall under the look of supervisor who is well trained about health and safety acts and have understanding of hazards.


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Safety Policy

We provide and maintain a safe and health in working environmental for it's employee, visitors and also with anyone entering the premises where the company's business operating.


In opening of tombstone, Gala dinners, Weddings, Parties, and farewells.


In hospitals, In clinics, In schools, Shopping Malls, and also in various departments in the country.


Swimming pools, Kids events especially in Grade R


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